What can an intranet do to improve my business?

It can facilitate the management of your business up to 90%, you can automate any type of routine task, manage your invoices with 1 click... Anything that currently takes more than 10 minutes to do can be done in seconds and in a centralized manner, both you and your workers.

It will increase the performance and productivity of your business and your workers up to 300%, by having intelligent automation tools, reminders and a thousand other features that can be developed according to your needs.

Is it safe to have all the management and administration of my company under an intranet?

We take care of the total security of your intranet, to give you an example we can make it only accessible from your office.

Your intranet will need a continuous maintenance due to the importance of the data it contains and the obligation of its correct operation every second, this will guarantee among other things backups every 5 minutes of your intranet and all your information, so your data can not be more and better protected.

How long will it take to have my intranet?

It depends a lot on the type of extranet you need and the amount of functions that it has incorporated, it is completely impossible to give you a margin of time, once we have all the details of what you need and the specific functions of the extranet, we will be able to fix the deadline that will go in the contract. Your personal advisor will be able to give you an approximate time frame once he or she knows all your needs in detail.