Do you also send me the original editable files?

We will send you everything in a compressed file by email, you will also have it in your client area available for download when you need it and as many times as you need.

What is a colour palette and what is it for?

A colour palette is a base of 4 - 5 different colour shades that will represent your brand, your values, your business and that you should always use.

Yes, it seems incredible that a few colors can represent so many things, but something so basic and seemingly simple makes a big difference.

What is a voice and tone manual?

It's a guide that your copywriter will create that will define how you should address your customers, audience or potential customers.

We'll give you a PDF guide that includes real case studies and that you'll need to keep on hand for the first few days until you're familiar with your brand's new voice and know how to write and speak.

How long will it take to get my new corporate identity?

It depends on the type of corporate identity you need, the simplest will be ready in 7 days and a complete corporate identity will take up to 20 days to develop.