Can payments be split in the digital transformation promotion?

Unfortunately, as it is a promotion whose services extend up to 6 months, we cannot offer you this possibility.

How do I pay for the digital transformation service of my business?

Once you send us all the documentation and we know your business, we will create the contract in which both the final amount of the digital transformation and the deadline for delivery by us will be reflected.

At the time of signing the contract, you must pay 50% of the total amount reflected in the contract and in the invoice. Once we finish our work of creating your digital image (corporate identity, website and online store) you must pay the remaining 50%.

From this moment on you have 6 months free maintenance of your website and online store, your free server, and the free internet advertising campaign.

After 6 months we will contact you to know the evolution of your business, to know your opinion about the digital transformation and to offer you the continuity of all the services.

How long will it take to have my business digitized?

Depending on your business, the needs it has and all the material we have to create, in an estimated time of 30 days you could have it totally digitalized.

The final time you will be able to see it in the contract, since we will establish a deadline for delivery, your advisor will also be able to give you a more precise approximation when he knows your business and its needs.

What does this promotion of digital transformation of my business include?

It includes everything you need to convince yourself that you have made the best possible investment.

We create your corporate identity, your website, your online store in case you sell products or services, a corporate video, real photos of your business that we will take personally, a marketing strategy, internet advertising, a free server for the first 6 months and free maintenance for the first 6 months.

After this time or much earlier, we hope you will call us to tell us how much your business and sales are growing.

Why should I make the digital transformation of my company or business?

For many different reasons, but the main and most important ones can be summarized in two key points

If you\\'re not on the internet and in the right way, you\\'re losing a lot of customers and sales opportunities.

You can automate tasks that you perform daily with a single click, centralize all your business in a single web application and gain a lot of time to really invest in what matters to you, your business.