What are the grams in the type of paper?

It's the thickness of each page of your catalogue.

Do you also send me the graphic elements and editable files of my catalogue?

Of course, at the end of our work we will send you everything, if you have only hired your paper catalogue we will send you by email the original editable files, you can also download them from your client area.

If you have also hired the digital catalogue, we will send you the source code of your catalogue, perfectly commented and structured, which you will also have available to download in your client area.

What does a digital catalogue look like?

It is exactly the same as a printed catalogue with the difference that the place where you pass the pages with your fingers is with the mouse.

It maintains the same effects as a paper catalogue, and is accessible through a web address for all your customers.

What can I do if I need more copies of my paper catalogue?

It depends on the moment you need them, if initially you already need more copies than we include in our packages we will make you a budget to measure in which we will only add the number of printed copies you need to greater.

On the other hand, if once you have received your catalogues you need us to send you more copies, you can hire the copies you need from your customer area, from our website or by calling us, we will only charge you for each printed copy as we will keep your catalogue design for this occasion, either 15 days later or 2 years later.

What if I don't like the design of my new catalogue?

We will create another one immediately. And if you prefer, you can make use of Zentica's Total Guarantee and we will return all payments made up to that point.

How long will it take to see my new catalogue design?

The first design of your new catalogue will be available in 48 hours maximum from the moment you hire the design of your new catalogue.