What are billboards?

They are those enormous posters that are normally found in medium and large towns or even on roads. In addition these posters can be printed or digital.

Do you have full access to all visual advertising platforms nationwide?

Yes, we can create your ad in the most remote village in Spain or in the biggest capital of Europe. We take care of everything.

Who takes care of recording the oral ads?

One of our copywriters will create a script for your ad, which will be performed by professional voice talents to record the ad.

Who is in charge of writing the written ads?

The written ads are always done by our professional copywriters, who will be in charge of making sure that your ads meet and reach the objectives of the advertising campaign.

On which radio stations can you publish my ads?

We have access to all the local, provincial and national radio stations that we will select according to the objective of your campaign and the products or services that we focus on.

On an international level we have access to the main radio stations in each country in Europe and the rest of the world.

In which newspapers or magazines can you create advertising?

Our written advertising campaigns cover the entire national territory. Any local, regional, provincial or national newspaper or magazine is within our reach and will be selected depending on the objective of the advertising campaign.

At an international level we have access to the main national newspapers and magazines in the main European countries and the rest of the world.

How long will it take to see my ad?

It depends on the selected platform, the way of publication and different variables more. This information will be given to you by your advisor when he or she sends you the estimate, as traditional ads have a start date, end date and periodicity.