What if I do my own email marketing campaign?

Unless you have knowledge and experience in the field of digital advertising and online marketing, it is very likely that your emails will not even be opened, and this translates into loss of reputation (every email received from your business will automatically be interpreted as advertising in the mind of the recipient), waste of money since your campaigns will not be successful and even possible loss of customers.

How do you set the objectives of an email marketing campaign?

It will be the expert publicist in Online Marketing and Digital Advertising who, by analyzing your products or services, your database, and what you expect to obtain from the campaign, will establish the objectives of the campaign.

Normally the objectives are marked as sales or contacts at the request of the client.

Who is involved in the creation of my Email Marketing campaign?

One of our advertising experts in digital advertising and online marketing, one of our copywriters and one of our graphic designers.

How long does it take to create an Email Marketing campaign?

Approximately between 5 and 7 days, since we first have to define the strategy, the results we want to obtain, design and write the different contents according to the defined segmentation and finally send it.