What is a target report?

The objectives report will show you all the weak points of your analysis and how they should be for the next analysis. This will give you a roadmap to work on and improve on the necessary aspects with clear and defined objectives.

What is the purpose of the web analytics consultancy?

The consultancy will help you to work on your analytical report with the help of an expert. He will inform you of all the measures you need to take to improve the results of your report, he will advise you and give you all the guidelines you need to work on.

Does the analytical report also include market research and what is it?

Yes, it is included. The market research is part of the data collection and analysis so that we can assess the importance of specific product ranges, geographical areas from which we can define a target audience.

With an analytical report, will I also know what my competitors are doing?

With our current tools we can know when, what and where any of your competitors publish. In this way we are always alert and informed about any new developments. All this and much more will be included in your analytical report.

How long will it take me to get my report from a web analyst?

The time depends on the size of your website and your business in general, usually we deliver the report in 30 days, because we need time to study well the behavior of users inside and outside your website, an analysis with less duration would give results far from reality.