What is the scope of the service offered by Zentica for AWS?

The Amazon Web Services offered by Zentica include the installation, configuration, administration and operation of the entire solution contracted by the client on the AWS infrastructure.

Therefore, any problem or incident arising from the management of the service, will be the responsibility of Zentica to solve it, however, if there is an impact on the service that is located at the level of the infrastructure or the AWS systems that are under its control and / or administration, it will be the responsibility of Amazon Web Services to solve it.

However, Zentica will be responsible for informing the customer of the status of its service in any case and the origin of an incident when it occurs, as well as the means and procedures that have been put in place for its resolution.

Who is responsible for billing the services on AWS, Zentica or Amazon Web Services?

The customer can choose: either to invoice the part corresponding to the infrastructure services with Amazon Web Services, on the one hand, and the part corresponding to the managed services with Zentica, on the other; or to invoice the whole solution with Zentica at no additional cost.

What is the relationship between Zentica Global and Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Zentica Global is part of the official Amazon Web Services partner network as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider. This means that we have the experience and certifications required to design, implement and manage cloud services over Amazon Web Services infrastructure, as well as to design hybrid solutions that integrate AWS environments with Zentica\\'s.