Do Zentica\\'s VPS servers have traffic limits?

No, traffic is unlimited for all our VPS servers.

Can I reinstall my VPS to different operating systems?

Yes, of course you can reinstall your VPS as many times as you want from your client area. When reinstalling you can select the new operating system you want to install and choose again between Plesk or Cpanel. If you reinstall your VPS under the same control panel you already bought, you will not have to pay for the license, because you have already bought it and paid for it. In case you want to change your control panel during the reinstallation, you will have to pay for the license of the new panel.

Do I have ROOT access to my VPS server?

Of course, you have root access to your VPS server so you can manage it yourself.

Can I expand my VPS server hot?

Yes, of course, from your client area you will be able to see all the information about your VPS, resource consumption charts and so on, and among all the options we offer you is to upgrade your VPS to a bigger one, this will be done instantly without affecting your server or any website you have hosted on it.

What is the OverSelling of a VPS server?

It is a very common practice among low cost hosting providers, and what they do is sell more resources than they really have, this applies to hard disks, RAM, cores, etc.

With Zentica you have the total guarantee that this practice is not part of our principles, which is always to offer you the best products and services with a total and absolute guarantee.

Does Zentica VPS servers perform Overselling?

Absolutely not, we do not overuse our nodes, so we guarantee the quality, maximum power and performance of your VPS.

What types of hard disks do your VPS servers use?

All our VPS Servers have SSD or NVMe hard disks, the most powerful and fastest on the market, literally your VPS server flies.

Who manages the server equipment?

All our servers are managed by CISCO equipment.

Where are Zentica\\'s Data Centers located?

Our data centers are located in Madrid and Valencia.

How long does it take to deliver my VPS?

The process is automatic and immediate, once the system confirms the payment it will configure your VPS with the selected operating system, and you will receive an email with your server data and access data to the client area to manage your VPS.