What will my new website have that is so special that it will stand out from my competition?

Many things... The vast majority of websites are based on prefabricated templates with slight modifications so they are all more or less the same, they do not have a differential factor, something that makes the website unique.

In Zentica for the design and development of your website will be involved in your project the figures of a designer, a programmer, a user experience analyst, a copywriter, a user interface designer and a marketing analyst.

What does this guarantee? First of all, your website will be unique and exclusive, it will be focused and tailored to your users, we analyze your users or clients and identify what they are looking for / want / need from a website like yours and we give it to them. Your copywriter will be in charge of creating the best texts able to convince your visitors with a quick reading... And a lot of details and characteristics that will make your website unique, different, exclusive, adapted to your clients and that will really make you stand out from the rest of your competition.

What guarantees do you offer when designing my website?

We offer you many guarantees:

- Originality guarantee: Your website will be incredibly unique and created from scratch.

- Satisfaction guarantee: If you do not like your website or are not satisfied with our services, we will refund the total amount paid so far.

- Delivery guarantee: In the contract we establish a deadline for the completion and delivery of your website, if we do not meet the agreed date your website will be completely free.

What if for any reason I don\\'t like the design you are making for me?

This possibility is very unusual although it could happen.

Before starting the web design work we make sure we know what you want, what you are looking for and what you need, all our designs are created from scratch only for your website.

If for any reason you don\\'t like it we can redo it without any extra charge, our aim is your total satisfaction.

You also have the option of a full refund of the initial amount paid.

How can I download the Zentica APP?

To download the APP you just have to go to the PlayStore in the case of Android terminals or the AppStore in the case of IOS terminals and look for Zentica, you will see an application with our logo that you will have to install on your terminal.

To access it you will need to enter your customer data.

When will I receive the access codes to my customer area?

As soon as the design and development service of your web page is hired, the budget is accepted and the initial payment is made, we will send you an informative email with your Zentica client data, your access data to your client area and the direct contact telephone numbers with both your consultant and the designers/programmers assigned to your project.

How do I contract additional services for my website?

To contract additional services you should wait until we finish your website, since it would not make sense to contract a server or a maintenance package for example without having finished your website.

If you have more websites that are already running, you can hire additional services for those websites at any time, you just have to find the service you need or call us to advise you on what you may need and hire it online.

Who does the translation if I want a multi-language website?

All translations are done by native translators, we work with up to 12 languages, the most used worldwide and we have native translators for all of them, so you have total guarantee that you will have an incredibly well translated website.

Is there any kind of permanence when I hire Zentica to design my website?

Not at all, your website is totally yours and once our work is finished, we will deliver all your web files, keys, etc.

You will not depend at all on us, you are totally free to choose if you want to contract with us a maintenance service of your web, a server or any other additional service, but always alien to your web.

Your website is yours.

Who contributes and creates the contents of my new website?

All the contents are created by one of our CopyWriters that we will assign to your project. You can provide us with as much information as you consider appropriate and necessary, but we will never publish it on your website without first filtering it through the CopyWriter of your project.

This guarantees that each and every one of the texts and words on your website are well written, focused on the target of your website, whether it is direct sales, telephone contact or whatever the objective of your website is.

Don\\'t worry about the content, we will take care of everything, we will know your business almost as well as you do in order to create the information your website needs.

I already have a website but it is outdated and I want to renew it, is it possible?

In most cases it is possible but not recommended. Renewing an outdated website that has never had any maintenance and is not updated internally will give much more work than creating a new website from scratch with a solid base that allows us to keep it constantly updated without having to get to the point of having an outdated website.

In short, is it possible? Yes. Is it recommended? No.

How long will it take to get my new website?

We cannot give you a fixed time frame without knowing the needs of your website, but we can give you an approximate time frame of between 15 and 30 days from the signing of the contract.

In the contract itself you will see a deadline for delivery, which with the guarantee that we offer you if we exceed that time period established in the contract your website will be totally free.

We do not use templates or prefabricated web pages, so it would be impossible to create your website in less than 10 days.

How can I pay for the development of my website in instalments?

You can pay for the development of your website in up to one year without any interest or additional costs.

To be able to pay in installments for the creation of your web page, you must indicate this to your advisor who will ask you to attach a copy of your ID card, your last payslip or proof of income and in a few minutes he will reply with the viability of the request.

How do I pay once I have contracted the web creation service?

Once the contract has been signed for us to start working on the creation of your new website, you must make an advance payment of 50% of the total accepted budget. The remaining 50% will be paid once your website is finished.

Payments can be made online with your credit/debit card from your own client area, or by bank transfer to the account indicated in the contract itself.

Can I contract several services at the same time?

Of course, that is one of the advantages of working with us, you have all the services that your online business may need at your disposal, you decide if you want to hire them all together or increase them according to your needs.

Your personal advisor will be in charge of always offering you the alternatives you may need or simply managing your requests.

Remember that you have direct contact with your personal advisor for any doubt or query you need to make.