Do the Databases managed by Zentica have any risk?

0% risk, we have up to 10 layers of protection on different servers synchronized and backing up every 5 seconds, this is only possible with our own database management tool.

In addition, your connection to the main database will not be affected at all, the copies are made in higher layers, so the performance of your applications will not be affected.

Simply a marvel of systems engineering, and we can guarantee 100% that no matter what happens, it\\'s completely impossible for you to lose even the slightest bit of data.

Can you create a web tool or application from a database to manage it?

Yes of course, we can create a management application for your own database or several synchronized databases.

What types of databases do you manage and administer?

We administer all types of databases, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, SAP, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Amazon DB, Google Cloud DB, SQL Server, MySql, Postgre SQL, Microsoft Azure...

How long does it take from the time I hire the service until my data is protected?

Within 10 minutes of contracting the service we will have the first backup of your database, from that moment on we will take approximately 1 hour to configure the whole backup system in the 10 different servers.

5 hours later, your database will be replicated and connected in real time to 5 different servers, and from this moment on, pro-active surveillance begins. It couldn\\'t be faster.