When migrating a database, do you also take care of the connection between the two servers?

Of course, we don\\'t do half jobs, when we do something we do it well.

If your application needs to have its own server for the database we take care of all the migration, configuration and connection between the servers.

Is there any kind of risk when doing a migration?

With Zentica there is no risk, it is true that not all cases are the same, there are relatively simple cases and others really complicated, depending on the type of application you have, your current server and the destination of the migration, but in Zentica we guarantee a perfect migration from and to any destination.

What types of migrations can be performed?

Any, that is, we can do what you want, what you need or what your application needs.

Some examples of migrations can be the change from a dedicated server or VPS to Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.

A change of hosting provider, migration of the database to a cloud service that is connected to your server, etc.

How long does it take to migrate to a new server?

There is no exact time for the migration, it depends on many factors, from the architecture of your own application to the type of destination server, the maximum time for the most complex cases is 24 hours.