What can happen if I have not contracted the Pro-Active web maintenance service?

Nothing happens until something happens. If you do not have a real web maintenance service, your website or web application will soon become obsolete and soon we are talking about months of technology advancing very fast, at any time without further notice can give an error, a failure and have to pay an emergency intervention on your website with the possible loss of data, etc.

If you want to avoid problems and dedicate yourself solely to your business, the best thing is to hire a real web maintenance service.

Does the web maintenance service include modifications to the web pages?

As a general rule, no. Pro Activo web maintenance is a service whose aim is to keep your website or web application up to date, so that it does not become obsolete, so that it does not fail with constant internal updates, adaptation to more innovative technologies as they appear, problem resolution and prevention, etc.

How do you monitor your web pages and web applications to detect problems?

We monitor all the websites and web applications with a tool created by ourselves that is constantly watching your website activity. It instantly detects any incidence, loss of connectivity, brute force attacks, SQL injections, IP reputation, mail control... Absolutely everything is monitored to the second.

How do I know everything you do on my website?

Every week we will send you a report of all the actions that have been taken on your website and / or server in full detail, so you will be aware of each and every one of our actions as well as all the anomalies detected and resolved. We do not offer a phantom service, it is a real service.