How long does my system administrator take to act on my request?

The time your system administrator has to contact you and start working on your request is a maximum of 5 minutes. Before this time period expires, he will contact you and will be working on your request.

Can I ask my system administrator to perform certain interventions that I need?

Of course, your system administrator, apart from proactively watching over the security and maintenance of your server, will be at your disposal for any need you may have, any installation you may want to make on the server... Anything you need to do on your server you can ask your system administrator.

Will you inform me before making any intervention on the server?

As a general rule, no, since they are usually small maintenance interventions, updates, etc. that in no case you will notice or affect your websites hosted on the server. You will be able to see all these actions and interventions in the weekly report you will receive.

In the event of a serious problem, we will inform you immediately so that you can be aware of it, although the operation of your websites hosted on the server will not be affected, as the security protocol will be automatically activated and the second server will start working.

Can I lose connectivity with my server in any action you take?

No, you will never lose connectivity. One of the advantages offered by our system administration service is that your server will be backed up by a second Zentica server. This means that if at any time your server suffers an attack, or any other circumstance that could cause the loss of connectivity, it will automatically connect to the second server until the problem is completely resolved on your own server.

This is only possible with Zentica.

How do I know that my server is really being monitored by Zentica?

Mainly you will know because you will almost never or rarely have to call us to notify us of a problem with your server.

Similarly, every week we will send you a detailed report of the status of your server, all the interventions we have made and the possible problems it has suffered during the week.

The server administration service that we offer you at Zentica is unique and of unbeatable quality, thanks to our own tools that together with the most advanced technology and the best system administrators in Spain.

Are the servers fully monitored 24 hours a day?

Yes, they are completely and REALLY monitored 24 hours a day. We have our own advanced tools that allow us to automate and control the monitoring of your server in a proactive way, this translates into incredibly low response times, in most cases you will not even notice that your server has suffered any problem or intervention from us.

How often will I receive reports on the performance of my server?

In any of the 3 server administration plans, we send you reports every week. Every Monday, first thing in the morning, you will have in your inbox the report with the interventions made in the server during the previous week.