Why can I lose sales and customers if I don\\'t have an SSL certificate?

Besides Google\\'s penalties, would you buy or hire something from a website that is indicating in red that it is not secure?

No, right? Well, neither would any user.

How can a user know if my website has an SSL certificate or not?

It is very simple, in any browser in the URL bar, on the left you will see a lock.

If that padlock is open, it will show an unsecured web page message, indicating that you do not have an SSL certificate.

If that padlock is closed, your web address will begin with https, and will be marked as secure, which indicates that you have an SSL certificate installed.

Why does Google penalize me if I don\\'t have an SSL certificate?

Since the beginning of the year 2017 Google decided to mark as Not Secure all the web pages that don\\'t have a SSL certificate, besides that your web page will lose a lot of relevance in the searches, or what is the same your web won\\'t like Google and won\\'t appear in the users\\' search results.

How long will it take to install my SSL certificate?

Depending on the complexity of your website and how it is created, you can have it in 3 hours from the time you hire the service up to 12 hours in the most complex cases. So whatever type of website you have, in a maximum of 12 hours your website will have the SSL certificate installed.